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Highlands & Islands Organic Association
Our Aims: Explain to people what Organic food is and keep everyone up-to-date with Organic news and events 
Show people - through the use of the directory - where they can obtain Organic food and services locally. 
Support Organic producers by providing a place they can advertise their products
Slow Food UK Slow Food UK campaigns for good, clean and fair food. By good, clean and fair we mean that our food should taste good, that it should be produced in a clean way which fully respects the environment, human health and animal welfare, and that food producers are paid a fair wage.
Freedom Food Freedom Food is the farm assurance and food labelling scheme established by the RSPCA, one of the world's leading animal welfare organisations.
Highland Cattle Club  
Association of Scottish Farmers Markets "The definition of a Scottish Farmers' Market is a market in which farmers, growers and producers from throughout Scotland sell their produce direct to the public. All foods/products sold should have been grown, reared, caught, brewed, pickled, baked, smoked, or made/prepared by the producer" believes in a simple philosophy – to bring together the farm food shop with the customer ensuring public awareness and the benefits of buying locally produced food.
Taylors Regional Foods Taylors Regional Foods specialise in sourcing and supplying only the very best of local and Regional food and drink.
Dr Chris Fenn
Nutrition Consultant
How to beat stress, and eat for success.