North East Scotland
Finest Food

The purpose of this website is bring wider attention to the world class food produced and sold in North East Scotland
We need your help. If your business is not in, let us know. If you buy great stuff from a local producer let us know.
This is a growing and changing situation. Help us keep up. Who's new? Who now goes to a particular market? (or who doesn't any more).

Other plans? Well, we're keen to add traditional butchers and fishmongers, we'd love to do vans; fish, veg, bread, etc - but really need information on their movements. We'll also cover the one-off events next year; the unmissable Taste of Grampian, Dundee Flower & Food Festival and other events where food producers and sellers take part - again "let us know" (are we starting to repeat ourselves?)

Anyway enjoy the site; enjoy the produce!